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Ivy Camps USA

Standardized Testing Support with Astrid

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We offer admissions support from elite university students who have a proven track record of admissions success and complement the work of college admissions advisors. This is an ideal mentorship for upper-level high school students who are nearing or actively applying to universities.

Through these sessions, our tutors can assist in specific subjects on the exam, the exam as a whole, test-taking confidence, test-taking strategies, and more! Our tutors are trained to ensure success and provide support to students no matter where they are starting in this test preparation process. 

About Astrid: 

  • Astrid studied Political Science & Middle Eastern Studies at Columbia University
  • Astrid has been a tutor with us for the past two years
  • Astrid has a 5-star satisfaction rating from all previous students


    • All sessions will be 60 minutes
    • Sessions will be conducted over Zoom
    • In this booking process, you will choose a time and date for your first session. This is not necessarily the time that all of your sessions must be at, and you will have a chance to speak with your tutor to schedule the rest of your sessions during that first session 
    • After booking, we will send a questionnaire (through email) for students to complete before beginning their essay support process with us to provide us more information about student needs