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Ivy Camps USA

Planning Your Future: The Pre-Application Journey

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  • Wondering how to leverage your high school experience to earn acceptance into a top University? This course helps you make the most of your high school years to create a powerful resume for university acceptance. 
  • This program helps you explore the requirements for University admissions and develop a detailed plan to make the most of each year of high school, including the basics of navigating high school, identifying areas of interest, potential club or extracurriculars to join, and exploring national/international competitions to help your application stand out!
  • Skills Developed: Self-awareness, critical thinking skills, communication skills, research skills, planning and time management skills, self-advocacy, network building.
  • Through this course, you will develop a plan to best utilize their high school opportunities You’ll also set SMART goals to put your plans into action!
  • Class Format:
    • This experience program will take either place once per day for five days, Monday-Friday, for one week, beginning on the day selected OR once per week for five weeks on the day of the week selected
    • Each program meeting will be 75 minutes
    • All programs will be taught by an instructor who comes from Harvard, Yale, MIT, and other similar institutions
    • Experience groups will have 1-6 students