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Ivy Camps USA

Leadership Development

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  • Have you ever wondered what makes great leaders great? Learn the foundations of great leadership and the skills needed to become a successful leader. 
  • Through this course you will experience what is it like to be a leader through collaborative activities which explore the traits of a leader, mindset of a leader, and how to build your leadership “toolbox” You will learn strategies for improving work ethic, initiative, active listening, communication, collaboration, delegation, and problem-solving.
  • Skills Developed: Listening, speaking, collaboration, initiative, work ethic, critical thinking, logical sequencing. 
  • Through this course, you will evaluate different leadership decisions, collaborate with a team to organize and plan a proposal for a new club, and create a personalized strategy plan to target your individual leadership skills!
  • Take your first step towards becoming a leader today!
  • Class Format: 
    • This experience program will take either place once per day for five days, Monday-Friday, for one week, beginning on the day selected OR once per week for five weeks on the day of the week selected
    • Each program meeting will be 75 minutes
    • All programs will be taught by an instructor who comes from Harvard, Yale, MIT, and other similar institutions
    • Experience groups will have 1-6 students