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Exploring Psychology

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  • Are you curious about what makes people think and act the way they do? Psychology may be the career path for you!
  • In this program, we will look at the foundations of psychology, the history of the subject, and the different branches you can choose from. You'll quickly learn how the study of psychology can apply in so many areas.
  • Skills Developed: Communication skills, time management skills, research skills, presentation skills, critical thinking skills
  • Program Format:
    • This experience program will take place once per day for five days, Monday-Friday, for one week
    • Each program meeting will be 75 minutes
    • All programs will be taught by an instructor who comes from Harvard, Yale, MIT, and other similar institutions
    • Experience groups will have 1-6 students 

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  • Learn with Top Instructors

  • Focus on Skill-Building

  • Complete Projects in the Subject