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We've helped students get into numerous universities across the USA including:

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About Our Services

Pre-Application Journey Class

This course helps to set a powerful foundation for a successful university admissions process by helping students to create a powerful resume for university acceptance. 

College Counseling

College counseling hours can be used for many things that are a part of the college applications process. This can include, but is not limited to: essay support services, college research, college list building, scholarship search assistance, and much more. Our belief is that every student deserves an opportunity to find happiness and success. We focus on guiding students to feel empowered in this applications process, while developing important life skills along the way.

Peer Mentorship

Connect with a student from a top university in the USA who recently went through a very successful application process. Our mentors are trained to ensure success and provide support to students throughout the entire process. 

Test Preparation & Academic Support

Through these sessions, our tutors can help students in specific subjects, assist with standardized testing preparation, boost test-taking confidence, teach test-taking strategies, and more!

Writing for University Admissions

Application essays and personal statements are an integral part of the international university application process. In this course, you will grow as an independent thinker, and develop your writing skills to craft a unique and compelling essay that showcases your strengths and achievements. Students will also evaluate their writing through application of the writing process of drafting, revision/feedback, and final product.

Career & Major Exploration Classes

Explore careers and potential majors through our 5-session programs developed with the insight of industry professionals.

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