Our Current Instructors

Every Ivy Camps USA instructor undergoes a rigorous training program focused around how to ensure success for every student they teach. Our team has a shared passion for teaching and instilling in students a sense of fun, discovery, and personal growth.

  • Planning Your Future: The Pre-Application Journey university prep - Ivy Camps USA Pre-University

    Liam from Stanford

    Major: Chemistry & Linguistics

    Fun Fact: I'm blue-yellow colorblind!

  • Luke from Brown

    Major: International and Public Affairs & Psychology

    Fun Fact: I used to play conch shell in a traditional Korean music group!

  • Exploring Scholarships university prep - Ivy Camps USA Pre-University

    Lindsay from Columbia

    Major: Linguistics

    Fun Fact: I speak 7 languages!

  • Leadership Communication university prep - Ivy Camps USA Pre-University

    Astrid from Columbia

    Major: Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies

    Fun Fact: I make great crêpes!

  • Leadership Development university prep - Ivy Camps USA Pre-University

    Andrea from NYU

    Major: Drama & Psychology

    Fun Fact: I am fluent in Spanish!

  • Tutoring with Kelly university prep - Ivy Camps USA Pre-University

    Eliud from UPenn

    Major: Psychology

    Fun Fact: I've driven 18,000 miles in the past year!

  • Karen from UC Berkeley

    Major: Computer Science

    Fun Fact: My first job was in Nevada!

  • Regan from Dartmouth

    Major: English & Creative Writing

    Fun Fact: I play softball for my college!

  • Samantha from Cornell

    Major: Biomedical Engineering

    Fun Fact: This year I produced over 10 songs!

Our Previous Instructors

  • Anika, UC Berkeley

    Brooke, Dartmouth College

    Franklin, Johns Hopkins University

    Gauri, Yale University

    Nasir, Princeton University

    Natalie, Yale University

    Nick, MIT

    Susanna, Columbia University

    Talia, University of Pennsylvania

    Rebecca, University of Pennsylvania

    Sean, Yale University

  • Johnnie, Columbia University

    Jonathan, Harvard University

    Julie, Cornell University

    Kaelyn, Cornell University

    Kayla, Cornell University

    Luke, Duke University

    Maddie, University of Chicago

    Maggie, Harvard University

    Michael, Pomona College

    Monica, Princeton University

    Myint, Harvard University

  • Zacharia, Cornell University

    Amanda, Harvard University

    Ariana, Georgetown University

    Christie, Princeton University

    Daniel, McGill University

    Fiona, Columbia University

    Henry, Harvard University

    Ifeoma, Harvard University

    Steph, Dartmouth College

    Terry, University of Pennsylvania

    Zoe, University of Chicago

Our Business & Leadership Team

With years of experience in international program management and education, our team is uniquely qualified to design programs to help each student reach their maximum potential.

  • Writing for University Admissions university prep - Ivy Camps USA Pre-University

    Danny, CEO

    "Camp" Executive Officer

  • Nourjannah, CBO

    Chief Business Officer

  • Marie

    Head of Operations

  • Nick

    Director of Marketing & Growth

  • Meredith

    Director of Curriculum

  • Kelly

    Director of Program Leads

  • Jack

    Director of People & Operations

  • Hannah

    Director of Innovation & Development

  • Tutoring with Jenna university prep - Ivy Camps USA Pre-University


    Educational Advisor & Curriculum Development Specialist

  • Allie

    Curriculum Development Specialist

  • Shamera

    School Partnerships & Curriculum Development Specialist

  • Fatoumata

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Ryan

    Partnership Coordinator

  • Emily

    Enrollment Advisor

  • Hana

    Assistant Director of Sales & Outreach

  • Lizbeth

    Assistant Director of Global Partnerships

  • Amber

    Art & Media Lead

  • Trent

    Director of Fun

  • Catherine

    Customer Service Lead

  • Joshua

    Customer Service Specialist