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  • College Admissions Support

    Get support on your university applications from our top mentors with extensive admissions success and learn about methods to build an impressive resume. Individual support and group classes available

  • Test Preparation & Tutoring

    Prepare for college admissions by building your potential to succeed on standardized tests and in advanced classes such as AP and IB classes

  • Pre-Major Experiences

    Explore careers and potential majors through our 5-session programs developed with the insight of industry professionals

What Students are Saying

About our group classes:

"I had a very insightful and beneficial camp that will definitely help me pave the road for my future. Thank you for such a great time!"

- Student from the UAE

About our individual support:

"We can't wait to sign up for more packages! My mentor is fantastic!"

- Student from the USA

Meet Some of Our Fantastic Instructors

  • Liam from Stanford

    Major: Chemistry & Linguistics

    Fun Fact: I'm blue-yellow colorblind!

  • Lindsay from Columbia

    Major: Linguistics

    Fun Fact: I speak 7 languages!

  • Kelly from Cornell

    Major: Government & English

    Fun Fact: I first rode a plane at age 19!